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8S6923 (Aurora Golden Gala™)

Medium in size. Skin color is yellow at harvest. Flesh is cream/white, very crisp and very juicy. The taste is sweet, well balanced and aromatic.

Maturity Season: Late September to early October in BC.
Harvest Criteria: Harvest by starch conversion, taste, change in skin color to yellow.
Tree Description: Moderately vigorous, very productive and very precocious. Tree is very spurry.
Bloom: Flowers about the middle of the blossom season.
Production: Extremely productive and precocious. Needs prompt and adequate thinning to ensure good fruit size and evenly maturing fruit. One to two picks.
Advantages: It has a long storage life and exceptional eating qualities. This variety will be released to other fruit growing areas of the world in controlled production agreements. Very high yield and regular bearing.
Disadvantages: Can be hard to pick when trees are young. Needs work on harvest indicies. Very new variety.
Storage: Long storage life in air.
Comments:Over-cropped trees or trees treated with excessive nitrogen result in poor quality fruit or prolonged maturity season. This variety is very new to the apple world. Growers are urged to contact PICO when deciding to plant this variety.