Procedures For Ordering Budwood

We are now OPEN for Budwood orders but still CLOSED for Scion Wood and Seed orders. 

Notice: Our prices were adjusted following the Summer 2020 Budwood Season to provide for the continued operation of our Budwood Orchard.

How to Order:

Complete our Order Request Form and we will be in touch to confirm availability. For any changes or additions to your order, email us at [email protected].

Budwood Available:

See current Catalogue

Limited Availability:

Propagating material is initially allocated on first-come, first-served basis. High demand and newly released varieties are further allocated in order to provide authorized growers with equitable access. We recommend that you place your order as early as possible to maximize the probability of fulfillment.


Minimum 10 buds/scions per variety; Minimum order size of $100 before tax and shipping.

Cutting and handling as per Budwood Price List

Ordering Dates:

Scion Wood: November 1st to December 31st

Budwood: May 1st to July 15th

Shipping Dates:

We will confirm your shipping dates prior to shipment.

Change Requests/Cancellations:

Please contact us as soon as possible. Change requests and order cancellations will not be accepted once your order has been harvested. Change requests and order cancellations are subject to reallocation fees and/or cancellation charges.

Limited Warranty:

You must notify Summerland Varieties Corp. ("SVC") of any complaint you may have about budwood, scion wood or seeds (together, "Plant Material") received from SVC within 72 hours of receiving such Plant Material. SVC will not be liable for any defective or damaged Plant Material unless notification is given within this time period. SVC does not warrant against latent defects.

SVC's total liability for defective or damaged Plant Material (as determined by SVC) is limited (at SVC's option) to either (a) replacement of the defective or damaged Plant Material, or (b) a refund of the price paid for the defective or damaged Plant Material, but in no event will SVC be liable for shipping charges, rootstock or labour costs, or any other expenditures.

You assume all risk of loss arising from the use of Plant Material. In no event will SVC be liable for any losses or damages, including (without limitation) any special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, howsoever arising from the use of Plant Material.

No Other Warranties:

Except as specifically provided by the Limited Warranty above, NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND ARE MADE with respect to Plant Material, including that any Plant Material is fit for the intended purpose, is of merchantable quality or is true to type or description. The application of the Sale of Goods Act (British Columbia) or any similar legislation in any jurisdiction is specifically excluded.

Intellectual Property Ownership:

Summerland Varieties Corp. acts on behalf of variety owners. Protected varieties must not be further propagated or distributed without the owners' permission. You will be required to execute a Grower Agreement or Authorized Nursery Agreement and you may be required to demonstrate that you are in good standing before you can purchase propagating material of a protected variety.

Outside Canada:

Summerland Varieties Corp.'s mandate is to provide propagating plant materials to the Canadian market. Orders outside Canada will only be considered if there is a sufficient supply of material. Customers must have a valid import permit and will be charged a fee for the required CFIA export inspection.