Price List

Notice: Our prices were adjusted following the Summer 2020 Budwood Season to provide for the continued operation of our Budwood Orchard.

Budwood Cutting Charges

(T-budding/Chip Budding)

$0.40 per bud
$0.90 per cider bud (including perry pears)


Scion wood Cutting Charges

(Field/Bench Grafting - 3 buds per scion)

$0.50 per scion
$1.00 per cider scion (including perry pears)

Please note we ship scions as full sticks, which contain anywhere from 1 to 5 viable scions depending on size and requested diameter.

Seed Charges

Peaches only $0.30 per seed



Certain varieties incur a royalty charge and require a non-propagation agreement. This payment goes to the variety owner in exchange for the right to grow and produce fruit from a Plant-Breeder Right (PBR) protected variety. Certain protected varieties are subject to a Royalty. You are required to pay the Royalty when you take possession of the protected propagating material. You are also required to execute a Grower Agreement and you may be required to demonstrate that you are in good standing before you can obtain propagating material of these protected varieties.

Please Note

  • Minimum order size for Budwood or Scion wood cuttings is 10
  • Minimum charge of $100 per order for grafting wood and before taxes
  • Labour intensive special orders are subject to a higher minimum charge
  • Handling charges will apply to special packaging requirements (coolers, ice, etc.)
  • Interest on overdue accounts at 18% per annum calculated monthly


Ordering Dates

Winter/Spring Scion Wood Season November to January
Summer/Fall Budwood May to July


The buyer acknowledges that by acceptance of the plant material the limitations and disclaimers herein described are the conditions of sale between buyer and seller.