Select Cherries

The standard for the mid/late season varieties. In some years over-cropping may be a problem. Wind whipping of the fruit has occurred in some years. The tree is vigorous and the natural growth habit appears to be upright with little tendency to spread and this makes tree training a challenge. The fruit has a good tolerance to rain splitting.

Parentage: Van x Stella
Tree habit: Vigorous, very upright
Harvest Timing: 12 to 14 days after Van and Bing.
Bloom Timing: Early to mid in the bloom season.
Fertility: Self-fertile
Fruit Shape: Flat round
Skin color: Dark red
Flesh color: Red
Juice color: Red
Stem length: Short and thick
Average fruit weight: 10.9g
Natural cracking: 26%
Firmness (Durometer): 82 (FirmTech): 295 g/mm
Soluble solids: 20.3 %