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13S2101 (Sovereign™)

The fruit of 13S2101 (Sovereign™) are moderately large, very firm and have bright red skin. The fruit are glossy and make an attractive pack. The flavor Is sweet with some acidity. The fruit mature very late in the harvest season. This selection has promise as a very late season cherry. The tree is moderately vigorous with flat branch angles and produces moderate crops. This selection is being tested extensively, market response is limited.

Parentage: Sweetheart x Unknown
Tree habit: Moderate vigor, flat branch angles.
Harvest timing: 29 days; 10+ days after Sweetheart
Bloom timing: Middle/late in the bloom season
Fertility: Self-fertile
Fruit Shape: Elongated heart
Skin color: Red
Flesh color: Pink
Juice color: Pink
Stem length: Very long
Average fruit weight: 10.8g
Natural cracking: 22%
Firmness (Durometer): 80 (FirmTech): 260 g/mm
Soluble solids: 19.3 %