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The fruit of 13N0770 (Stardust™) mature mid/late in the harvest season. May have to pick this variety more than once to attain maximum fruit color. A blush variety with a distinctive cream ground color. The fruit are large, firm and somewhat split resistant. This variety has the potential to extend the "Rainier" season by seven days.

Parentage: 2N-63-20 X Stella
Tree habit: Upright, spreading and vigorous
Harvest timing: 12 to 15 days after Van and Bing
Bloom Timing: Late in the bloom season
Fertility: Self-fertile, very productive
Fruit Shape: Flattened heart
Skin Color: Bright red blush over yellow ground
Flesh color: Cream
Juice Color: Clear
Stem length: Short and thick
Average fruit weight: 11.5g
Natural cracking: 29%
Firmness (Durometer): 76
Soluble solids: