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SPA493 (Salish®)

Medium fruit size, round and slightly squat in shape, bicoloured, 80% solid pinkish-red over colour and yellow-green background colour, usually a bright yellow calyx end flash. Fruit is tangy, sweet sub-acid in taste, juicy and very crisp. Medium stem bowl russet that often breaks over the shoulders is characteristic.

Maturity Season: Late September to the first week of October in Summerland. Harvest and storage criteria are being established by PARC.
Harvest Criteria: Ripe eating, 4-5 on Cornell General Starch Chart.
Tree Description: Flattened and wide branch angles, spurry, moderate vigour. Very grower friendly to super spindle system.
Bloom: Mid-season; between Golden Delicious and Gala.
Production: Good productivity and precocity with regular bearing.
Advantages: Attractive new variety with good flavour, storage, and growth habit.
Disadvantages: Young tree fruit are susceptible to russet and misshapen fruit which is often unmarketable.
Storage: Excellent, 6-8 months in regular cold storage.
Comments:This is a new variety that is being planted in limited quantities. Although there is strong potential as a high end niche variety, the full market potential of this variety has not yet been assessed. Salish™ is a protected trade name that carries with it certain quality standards. A license must be obtained from PICO to use the Salish™ name when selling fruit.