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SPA 440 (Nicola™)

Large in size. Taste is sweet with low acidity and high in aromatics. Skin color is 80% cherry-red blush over green/yellow ground. The white/cream flesh is very firm, crisp and juicy. The fruit is borne on very long thin stems.

Maturity Season: Mid to late season, after Ambrosia™.
Harvest Criteria: Based on starch conversion, (3-4 on the Cornell general starch chart) and background color change.
Tree Description: Low to moderately vigorous and with flat branch angles and some blind wood. Precocious and productive.
Bloom: Very late season bloom, Gala, Fuji™ and/or Granny Smith™ or any other diploid in the same bloom timing. Late blooming crab varieties.
Production: Moderate to good production.
Advantages: Long storage and shelf life. Late bloom may be advantageous in frost-prone areas. Requires less thinning than Aurora Golden GalaTM.
Disadvantages: Market response is unknown. Limited regional evaluation has been done on this variety. Some stem bowl russetting, more noticeable on first year fruit or after cool wet springs.
Storage: Very long storage potential and long shelf life.
Comments:SPA 440 (Nicola™) is a mid-late season high quality apple variety. Growers interested in planting this variety are urged to contact PICO for information.