Select Apples

Medium in size and somewhat irregular and ribbed in shape. Taste is sweet and sub-acid. Skin color is cream/ yellow, can be almost white. Flesh is white. Fruit has stem bowl russet that does not usually break over the shoulders.

Maturity Season: Early September in BC.
Harvest Criteria: Based on starch conversion and ripe eating taste, and skin color change from green to cream.
Tree Description: Moderately vigorous, spurry and very precocious.
Bloom: Very early in the blossom season.
Production: Very productive and precocious. Needs prompt and adequate thinning to ensure fruit size. One to two picks.
Advantages: Early season yellow apple. Good for direct sales. Very productive and regular bearing. Quite winter hardy.
Disadvantages: Storage life is limited. Can develop water-core like disorder under hot conditions. Symptoms can be seen through the skin. Stem bowl russet. Requires adequate, timely thinning.
Storage: 4 - 6 weeks in air at 1°C.
Comments:Market acceptability is unknown. Use caution if planning on planting this variety. Possible niche market variety at this time.