Cider Apples

Introduced in 1974 from R.D. Way, R.C. Lamb; New York Agricultural Experimental Station, USA.  Fruit are medium/large in size, oblate shaped, dark red skin, firm, crisp, juicy, sub acid flavour.  Early season harvest; early September.  Tree is vigorous and moderately productive.  Sunburn and watercore can be a problem; also susceptible to scab, cedar apple rust, and fireblight.  Fresh eating, short storage life. Fruit hangs well, annual bearing. Pollinize Gala, cold hardy to USDA zone 5.

Parentage: Monroe x N.Y. 18491 (Macoun x Antonovka)
Sharp: Tannins <0.2%, Malic Acid >0.45%
Comments:Monroe x N.Y. 18491 (Macoun x Antonovka)