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Sumleta (Sonataâ„¢)

The fruit of Sumleta (Sonata™) are very large and firm with glossy, dark skin that make a very attractive pack. The tree is very productive, vigorous and upright. The fruit has a significant nose dimple.

Parentage: Lapins X 2N-39-05
Tree habit: Upright and spreading
Harvest Timing: Seven days after Van and Bing
Bloom timing: Middle of the bloom season
Fertility: Self-fertile
Fruit Shape: Kidney/dimple on the nose end
Skin color: Dark red to black
Flesh color: Dark red
Juice color: Dark red
Stem length: Thick
Average fruit weight: 12.7g
Natural cracking: 42%
Firmness (Durometer): 77
Soluble solids: 19.1%