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SPC 103 (Sentennialâ„¢)

SPC 103 (Sentennial™) is a new test selection and has been planted in limited amounts in BC. The flesh is very firm, crunchy and moderately sweet. The harvest window appears to be extensive. The tree is exceptional in habit with flat angled, well spaced branches, and produces heavy crops. More information on fruit quality and market response is required.

Parentage: Sweetheart x Unknown
Tree habit: Moderate vigour, flat branch angles
Harvest Timing: 29 days after Van and Bing, 10+ days after Sweetheart
Bloom Timing: Middle/late in the bloom season
Fertility: Self-fertile
Fruit Shape: Flat round
Skin color: Dark red
Flesh color: Red
Juice color: Red
Stem length: Short and thick
Average fruit weight: 10.7g
Natural cracking: 26%
Firmness (Durometer): 82 (FirmTech) 295g/mm
Soluble solids: 20.3%