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Pacific Gala TM

This variety was discovered in the US.  With Gala returns based on colour the newer sports are a better option for obtaining a higher red wrap on fruit than older Gala selections which can be challenged to produce high colour.

Harvest Criteria: Mid-season based on standard Gala starch chart.

Tree Description: Medium vigour, upright and spreading, spurs freely.

Bloom: Mid-season same as standard Gala, close to Ambrosia timing.

Production: Productive, this variety requires early and adequate thinning to obtain optimal fruit size.

Advantage: Much better red wrap than standard ‘Royal Gala’, red colour blush with red stripes in background under blush.

Disadvantage: Gala is a very widely planted variety and in BC it is #1 in production volumes. 

Storage: Similar to standard Gala.