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Medium to large in size. Taste is sweet and sub-acid. Skin color is pinkish/red blush and stripes over a cream/ yellow ground. Flesh is white to cream in color.

Maturity Season: Early season, mid August to early September in BC.
Harvest Criteria: Based on ripe eating taste and background color change from green to cream/yellow.
Tree Description: Vigorous, spurry and fairly precocious.
Bloom: Very early in the blossom season.
Production: Very productive and precocious. Multiple pick variety.
Advantages: Early season bi-color apple.
Disadvantages: Storage life is very short. Marketing period is limited pre Gala timing. Susceptible to apple scab.
Storage: Very short. Direct sales only.
Comments:Market acceptability is limited. Use caution if planning on planting this variety. Niche market only.