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Sumnue (Cristalinaâ„¢)

The fruit of Sumnue (Cristalina™) mature early in the harvest season and are the largest in the early season category. The fruit are glossy and very attractive in a pack. The tree is spreading and productive.

Parentage: Star x Van
Tree habit: Spreading
Harvest Timing: Five to seven days before Van and Bing
Bloom Timing: Middle of the bloom season
Fertility: Non self-fertile
Fruit Shape: Kidney slightly compressed
Skin color: Dark red to black
Flesh color: Dark red
Juice Color: Dark red
Stem length: Moderately long & thick, may be picked stemless
Average fruit weight: 10.0g
Natural cracking: 29%
Firmness (Durometer): 68
Soluble solids: 17.1%